December 14, 2012 – Newtown, CT 42172

Life in AmeriCOnia and living with our NDT (New Domestic Terror)

Maybe the Mayan Calendar is predicting the end of America as we knew it? After all they didn’t count leap years, 12/21/2012 could be off by years or even decades. Maybe America really ended on September 11, 2001? Maybe it’s always been just an idea designed to distract us from the real issues from the very beginning?

So. This is it now, AmeriCOnia and our New Domestic Terror. Welcome to the New AmeriCOnian highway. We are On the Road, but Jack & Neal are dead, JFK & JFK Jr., Marilyn, MLK, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Jenni Rivera & Nat Turner are all dead. Django’s here! The D is silent!

What does all of this mean? “Please, someone help me understand this confusion.” So, you’re confused by our new era of death, destruction and this brand new brand of NDT? In this Our New AmeriCOnia.  

“He was such a nice boy, so quite. I can’t imagine he would do such a terrible thing, all of those poor little children.” You see the metamorphosis is finally complete. The chrysalis lies empty. The butterfly of death and destruction is borne. How did we get here? Why don’t you give the NRA a ring or all of the Congressmen & Senators chiseled into their contact lists. After all, the NRA isn’t concerned with public safety they’re concerned with private sales. Private sales for the gun manufacturers, private sales for the munitions manufacturers, private sales for the Capitalist Agenda, Private Sales for AmeriCOnia!

“How on earth did this happen, how did we get here?” In a snapshot? Because we like things quick & e-z, nice and neat for our immediate gratification, Insta-Crap! I guess we can begin by taking a peek at our transmogrification and by lumping Viet Nam, Grenada (how’s that for a laugh!), the Contras, Afghanistan and Iraq under the heading of The AmeriCOnian Empire? We could then pin blame on the House & Senate their incessant need to take bribes, I mean Lobbying money, for larger and larger sums of money from Corporate-AmeriConia in order to continue its excessive march toward absolute corruption, add to this the Khristian Right for their intolerant behavior, the Catholic Church with its misogynistic dogma, our Military-Industrial-Congressional-University-Pharmaceutical Complex for its insidious greed, why now we can even include the Boy Scouts of America! Just like the NSDAP Jugen under Ernst Rohm! How proud all of this makes me feel. GO RAIDERS! GO COWBOYS!

Do you really want to know how we got here? Truly? Okay, then set down that Big Mac & fries. Walk past your 48 oz Slurpee and your half eaten stale bag of Cheetos over to the television and turn it off. Take a walk into your bathroom and stand directly in front of your mirror. Take a good, long, hard look. Breathe in and hold it. Then let it out. You, We are the problem. The American Citizen is dead, just like the Martians of Chronicle fame. Drink up on that Slurpee and forget, because nothing is going to stop this unending violence until the system collapses in on itself and is rebuilt by Citizens who take the time, care enough and are not controlled by immediate gratification & Insta-Crap. It is only going to get worse until these Citizens arise. I eagerly pray for their arrival.

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The First Copper Penny

The First Copper Penny

The first coin authorized by the new United States Congress was a one-cent coin. Because there was not yet a government mint, more than one version of the coin was struck. The design (believed to be suggested by Franklin) shows the sun and a sundial on the obverse, with the words FUGIO and the date 1787. Centered on the reverse is the motto WE ARE ONE, surrounded by the words UNITED STATES and ringed by a chain with 13 links.

The Year of the Steel

The Year of the Steel

The 1943 steel cent, also known as a steelie, was a variety of the U.S. one-cent coin which was struck in steel due to wartime shortages of copper. Due to wartime needs of copper for use in ammunition and other military equipment during World War II, the US Mint researched various ways to limit dependence and meet conservation goals on copper usage.

The Birth of Big Zinky

The Birth of Big Zinky

When the price of copper rose in 1982, the mint was forced to make a midyear change from solid bronze (about 97% copper) to copper-plated zinc. You can find cents dated 1982 made out of both metals. The only way to reliably tell them apart is to weigh them on a sensitive scale. Copper cents weigh 3.11 gm, zinc ones are 2.5 gm. The last copper penny was minted in Denver on October 22, 1982.